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We make connections easy through smart, seamless telecom and cloud solutions for business.

What we do

Investing in reliable connectivity and communication is business critical. And yet, so many organisations let poor technology and processes hold them back. At Plesi, we provide purpose-built solutions across voice, data, cloud, and internet to help businesses thrive.

We’re a group of tech-savvy problems solvers that strive to provide innovative, cost-effective solutions for our clients. Through quality technology and bright ideas, we find ways to enhance business operations. And ultimately, help build more effective and productive workplaces.

With over 30 years of collective industry experience, our team has fulfilled many complex needs. We’re well equipped to analyse the best solution for your business requirements, and present a smart, seamless solution that meets them.

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Our Approach

At Plesi, we take a thorough, process-driven approach to fulfilling the unique needs of our clients. We take the time and care to gain an understanding of not only what our customers want, but what they need, so we can recommend a comprehensive solution. We’re considered with our advice and won’t let our clients settle for anything less than exceptional.

1. Consultation & Audit

Our team will visit your offices, and gain insight into your immediate and future requirements, budget, and deadlines. We’ll also conduct a thorough audit of existing technologies and vendors and assess how they align with the brief.

2. Proposal & Roadmap

We’ll propose our recommendation for your review. Upon acceptance, we’ll work backwards to develop a roadmap. We always start with the result in mind to help us best bring our ideas and solution to life.

3. Proof Of Concept & Rapid Prototyping

No matter how brilliant an idea may seem – it needs to be tested. We’ll determine whether our solution is feasible and go back to the drawing board if not. Our team will then develop a rapid prototype of the system prior to implementation for internal and client approvals.

4. Implementation & Training

It’s time to go live! We’ll implement our solution in your workspace as well as test, revise and optimise as required. We understand that technological skills vary and will train your team until they’re confident using any new systems.

5. Ongoing Monitoring & Support

We’ll proactively monitor your systems, so in the case of an issue, we’re already one step ahead. We’ll also provide ongoing recommendations and updates.

Our clients

Plesi help SMBs and large enterprises across Australia thrive with exceptional cloud and telecom technology.

Our values


We’re creative thinkers who know how to find smart and strategic ways to fulfill business needs of every kind.


Your needs may be complex, but the solution shouldn’t be. We work hard to deliver solutions that offer a simple and seamless experience for our clients.


Technology changes and so do client requirements. We’re flexible in our approach and offer dynamic solutions that can evolve as your business does.
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Exceptional Technology

As an independent provider, we’re neutral to the vendors we use. We will only use the best technology and help you find the solution most suited to your needs.

Customer Care

Our customers are the at core of our work. We approach every problem and solution with our clients’ requirements, budget and deadlines front of mind.

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