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High-bandwidth, redundant connectivity to the internet. 

Does your business transfer large files over the internet or rely on cloud telephony business solutions? You need strong, reliable internet infrastructure that can support your needs.

IP Transit can help your business gain a more reliable and faster connection to internet. This service provides a direct connection to the internet with high bandwidth and low latency, making it an ideal solution for businesses that send or receive large amounts of data, or connect to cloud services.


What is IP Transit?

IP (Internet Protocol) Transit is a service that delivers bandwidth between two points on the internet. This type of service is used by businesses to connect to other businesses, or to connect to cloud services.

IP Transit works by providing an organisation with a connection to an Internet Service Provider (ISP). It uses routers to forward packets of data between two points on the internet. The routers use a routing table to determine the optimal path for the data to travel, and they use protocols such as BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) to exchange information.

There are two types of IP Transit services: private and public. Private IP Transit is for organisations that have their own network infrastructure and do not need to share resources with other organizations. Public IP Transit is for organisations that do not have their own network infrastructure and need to share resources with other organisations.

Plesi is an internet transit provider that will help your business find increased bandwidth and redundancy. When your business purchases IP Transit, you will be given a public IP address that will be used to send and receive traffic. Plesi will manage this process and take you through IP Transit pricing, as well as configure your routers and firewalls as needed.

Our team will work with you to understand your unique requirements and develop a custom internet solution to meet them.  We’re considered in our approach and will provide a solution with your budget, deadline and immediate and future needs front of mind. Turn to us for a reliable, cost-effective service that will help your business gain exceptional internet connection with ease.

Why IP Transit?


Increase your bandwidth

When you use IP Transit services, you gain access to dedicated, high-bandwidth networks that are not shared with other users. This ensures that your business’s traffic will always have priority. This can be essential for businesses that rely on the cloud, use applications that require a lot of bandwidth to operate, or that need to send and receive large files frequently.

Strong redundancy

With IP Transit, you can improve the redundancy of your network by having multiple providers delivering your traffic. This ensures that your business continuity planning and disaster recovery procedures are as effective as possible.

Enhanced security and control

Internet transit providers offer greater security and control than traditional internet connections. This is because IP Transit services use dedicated networks that are not shared with other users, making it more difficult for hackers or other malicious users to access your data or disrupt your business’s operations. IP Transit services also give businesses greater control over their network infrastructure, allowing them to manage their bandwidth usage, firewall settings, and other features as needed.

Costs Savings

IP Transit is cost-effective because it allows you to connect to other networks without having to purchase transport services from each individual network provider. This helps to reduce the overall cost of connecting to other networks, as well as the time it takes to establish those connections.

Why Plesi?

We make connections easy by providing smart, seamless cloud and telecom solutions for business.

01. We solve problems others can't.

With over 30 years of collective experience, our team have seen and solved a diverse array of telecom problems. We’re innovative thinkers who know how to find smart, cost-effective, and efficient ways to fulfill business needs of every kind.

02. Our clients always come first.

Our customers are the at core of our work. We approach every problem and solution with client requirements, budget and deadlines front of mind.

03. We provide exceptional technology, tailored to you.

As an independent provider, we’re neutral to the vendors we use. We only use exceptional technology, and will help you find, select, and implement the best solution for your business.

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