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Smart telecom and cloud solutions for modern teams that work from anywhere. 

The modern workplace is more flexible than ever before. Thanks to telecommunications and the cloud, businesses can now operate with a remote workforce – from anywhere.  

However, this new way of working isn’t without its complexities. With communication and collaboration now online, businesses need to ensure their voice, data, cloud, and internet are up to the high standards demanded by strong remote working solutions. Otherwise, you risk unproductivity and ultimately unprofitability.  

At Plesi, we understand the needs of the modern workplace. We offer innovative modern workplace solutions for telecom and the cloud, that are designed for digital collaboration and online communication. With our solution, you can be certain that your business is operating seamlessly, whether your team is working at home or in the office. 

The Plesi team will work with you to understand the unique requirements of your modern workplace. We’re thorough in our approach and detailed oriented in our delivery. From setting up important applications like Teams calling to ensuring your staff are trained to use your systems, we’ll manage the end-to-end implementation of your solution.  


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Plesi can equip your workforce with dynamic voice, data, cloud, and internet services that make connections easy – from anywhere.  

A modern workplace success story.

Find out how Plesi’s telecom solution helped an offshore outsourcing company seamlessly transition their global workforce to working from home during the height of Covid-19.  


Services included: Teams Calling

Why Plesi?

We make connections easy by providing smart, seamless cloud and telecom solutions for business.

01. We solve problems others can't.

With over 30 years of collective experience, our team have seen and solved a diverse array of telecom problems. We’re innovative thinkers who know how to find smart, cost-effective, and efficient ways to fulfill business needs of every kind.

02. Our clients always come first.

Our customers are the at core of our work. We approach every problem and solution with client requirements, budget and deadlines front of mind.

03. We provide exceptional technology, tailored to you.

As an independent provider, we’re neutral to the vendors we use. We only use exceptional technology, and will help you find, select, and implement the best solution for your business.

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